Osmos, innovative design for a new concept in bathroom

innovative design for a new concept in bathroomGlass reads in the key space and completely new bathroom concept, featuring Osmos, the new furniture system multifunction modules designed by hanging LucidiPevereFor the composition of spaces hammams, shower areas, shower areas and systems of bathroom furniture.

The two young designers have wanted to overthrow the typical interpretation of the shower, an environment that the town intends to design logic as closed and isolated from other elements that make up the bathroom, making it an integral part of the environment, mixed and crossed by system modules that span across the room.
innovative design for a new concept in bathroomSo overcome the image of the ‘closed box’, the shower area is reinterpreted, like a glass case inside which there are the functions designed for living so far beyond.
In the bathroom you transfer codes typical of the living area and contaminate the two environments, acquiring and transforming itself into a single continuous scene.

Osmos, flexible and customizable system consists of a series of modules that can be used as a hanging painted steel containers per day or with a door. In their versatility, they can be equipped with features typical of wellness as a massage jets, overhead shower, mixer, steam and source. A wide color palette together with three different wood finishes for the doors of the modules, allows the widest system customization.
innovative design for a new concept in bathroomThe versatility of Osmos is emphasized by the different sizes of steel modules that allow an orientation and positioning extremely flexible, giving way to a wide range of compositions, from the most spectacular, the most compact.
The possibility of including also the sink and bath area in the compositions greatly enhances harmony and balance: further demonstration of the infinite possibilities that osmosis can  offer.

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