Original system to have a table tricolor

Original system to have a table tricolorAnd when I say a table tricolorI mean to have a single piece of furniture a surface that can change color, from three tones smooth or combinations thereof. In this case it is red, black and whiteThe table consists of triangular slats and they each side is one color, are joined together, but so that you can turn this system allows us to get to take one color or another.

Whether for dining room inside or the table of terrace, To make change color is a great idea, after all how much we like a shade, if we end up getting tired of it, we all know that variety is the spice, especially when it comes to furniture and colors are concerned.

Original system to have a table tricolorObviously this idea can be exported to other furniture, the option of surfaces with triangular prisms that can be rotated to be changing colorsAlthough I suppose that in some cases gives too much work and not worth, maybe more profitable to leave two or three tables or indeed simply changed the tablecloth.

Anyway I leave some photos in the gallery so that you can actually see how the color changes.

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