Original space-saving hanging fruit bowl in the kitchen

Original space-saving hanging fruit bowl in the kitchenA kitchen too small home is a problem that many of us face, at least to me with mine happens to me, space both inside the cupboards, and on the surface of the counter, I do not get to everything I like to keep and drop.

The fruiterer is one of the essential basic in the kitchen, little fruit we eat, some oranges for juice, some lemons for cooking and some other parts depending on the season, always have and need a suitable container to put them in, which occupies a some space and should be out of cupboards, on the counter or table, if hang the roof will have the space to put other things that cannot  be hung.

So I think a good idea by Karen Frandsen to design a Hanging Fruit, Toaster or juicer cannot  be hung from the ceiling, because cease to be functional, but the fruit bowl to another and also looks good and decorate, you just have placed within an area which we will not walk so they do not hinder the passage, but can be a corner, a center island or on the table without problems.

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