Original door handles shaped like wild animals

Original door handles shaped like wild animalsIf you are thinking of changing handles of doors for some original design, you can look at this collection of handles shaped wild animals, Design Merrikhpour RoohollahAre different, they are rarely seen on doors of the house or room handles, knobs or handles so curious.

Often when we buy storage furniture, e.g. drawers, they change knobs to the drawers, to give a personalized touch, who has not done that with a piece of furniture Ikea? … And with doors in general can do the same, instead of keeping the standard handles are placed in every home, we can choose something different and peculiar.
Original door handles shaped like wild animalsTo me the one I liked is that of dolphin Because I like an animal seem more sympathetic, but there are also other designs such as the knob-shaped shark or the eagle Actually can do with the way you want, but it is curious that while the design of the handles quite simply, is identified to the perfection of what animal is in each case.
Original door handles shaped like wild animalsIf the design was more drawn and realistic, it would be difficult to integrate in an environment handle modern However to be only a couple of lines and details that represent the shape of the animal and matte steel finish, handles to combine beautifully with the style of the existing doors for home, office … to anywhere.

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