Original corner seat

Original corner seatThe rooms do not always have a square shape everything we would like, sometimes there are columns in the middle, corners, or rounded triangular shapes that complicate our lives when it comes to furnishing, it is much easier to choose furniture for straight walls, because there are many more options, but the designers also propose solutions for complex spaces, like this original corner seat.

In a small house I do not see a useful, much space and can only be placed in the place where it fits, it will be a very concrete, but in large venues, open spaces, even in public places yes that can be accommodated, is also a double seat that provides some independence to the two people who are in it, as each is on one side of the wall.

Also in a room of a house, for example, a loft, having corners and angular shapes on the walls, if the space is large, can be an original detail to complete the furniture lounge Also from this idea, it may be possible to tailor seating walls with other forms, but at right angles with other deformations similar more or less acute.

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