One Line Collection of Maxim Maximov

One Line Collection of Maxim MaximovConvenient, comfortable, do not know if they will, but they are so beautiful. I’ve been in love with these seats with matching side table, this collection One Line of Maxim Maximov The problem I see is that they are created from a single sheet of metal Cast and therein lies the problem in the metal, and dashes your foot or hand, you can do some damage.
One Line Collection of Maxim MaximovIn principle, are intended for use in public places, hotels, coffee shops … but could perfectly fit into the decor of a home modern In addition to the metal filling can choose leather or textile finishing and has a lot of possibilities color But now we are in summer. These are as fresh in my white and blue were the ones I liked best by far.
One Line Collection of Maxim MaximovThe table is small but very functional. I’ve always been a strong supporter of the coffee table or auxiliary lounge, Although some want to disappear, I still think is very necessary. As if the white with blue you do not like, I leave other photos in the gallery with all other finishes and other color combinations.

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