Modern design for the new prefabricated house of Hartl Haus

prefabricated house of Hartl HausLiberty 211 is the latest addition to the catalog of prefabricated houses ultramodern signed Hartl Haus.
This is an exclusive line designed by the architects of the company to ensure maximum functionality, high efficiency and low environmental impact., A perfect example of sustainable design.
All with special attention to the aesthetics of the home, thanks to the attractive design designed to ensure that prospective tenants the best sun exposure and at the same time protecting their privacy.

Like all pre-fabricated houses signed Hartl Haus, 211 Liberty were created by the perfect combination of the best traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies production: the new model, in fact, was built using the Passive Wall developed by the R & D company that, through the use of local building materials such as wood, gypsum, rock wool, provides exceptional thermal insulation environmentally friendly in just 41.5 cm thick.

The first model Liberty 211 has already been built: 211 m2 of living space on two floors. Great attention to detail in external solutions designed with a view to the green. The south facade, in fact, has an integrated photovoltaic system of 25 m2 for the production of electricity.
Continuing the theme of renewable energy, on the roof with gravel floor was placed a 8.4 m2 solar thermal for hot water.
In addition, to ensure maximum energy savings, it was designed a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery and air humidifier, and a district heating plant.

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