Mocheni offices in Beijing

Mocheni officesThe Architects & Engineers Mocheni has renovated a building in Beijing in 1980 to transform it into a modern and functional office. For the Chinese it is a building “historic” and so the renovations could not affect the original structure.

Interior design, clean and sometimes even minimal, is clearly inspired by nature, its shapes, colors, invading the space with decorations and accessories really out of the ordinary, such as large ceiling lamps.
Mocheni officesVery impressive, and especially the area “water,” that seems to want to bring the excitement of a garden, even if completely artificial.

In general, the impression is that you are looking for an office almost “jump” to land outside its walls in a nearby nature is not really visible. A work that aspires to the tranquility of an outdoor area more to really live that dream.

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