Minimalist interior style apartment in polish

Minimalist interior style apartment in polishA sober and straightforward is the goal pursued by the Polish study Tamizo in designing the interior design of this apartment. A “less is more” that should not be boring, but rather friendly and aesthetically appealing minimalism that sometimes may not be appreciated by the layman, but which often turns out to be the most practical and even more pleasant for those who the home must live and live.
Minimalist interior style apartment in polishThe result of the work Tamizo However, a collection of soothing tones and lines that convey a sense of order at once pure and formal rigor: the dominant gray and white, but black and brown of the wood make it clear variegated glance, it still remains very neutral.
Minimalist interior style apartment in polishIn such a context, some details stand out in a picturesque green used just as decorative motifs: a basket of apples, bamboo plants in pots of white again. Accents of color blocks, but for this very dense with meaning.

Thus an interior design that could be elected to the emblem of a modern retreat offering a minimalism that has become synonymous with “home”, of warmth, elegance.

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