Mezz, storage, horizontal, vertical and twisted

Mezz, storage, horizontal, vertical and twistedThe concept of a piece of furniture library much has changed in recent times, the houses of the seventies and eighties it was common to find a large piece of furniture in the lounge, Occupying an entire wall, in fact still remains that great piece of furniture in the houses that were furnished at the time, but today was bet by the modularity, Low furniture and more versatile.

In addition, shelves is not as rigid in their orientation, before you had to decide whether I wanted a piece of furniture vertical or horizontal and shelves used to be all parallel to the ground, but now things have changed and can be fitted with the angle whom each likes and furniture is at least as Mezz of MD Design, Which consists of modules that can be placed standing flat on the floor along or twisted anchored to the wall.
Mezz, storage, horizontal, vertical and twistedThere are models to suit all tastes and styles within the concept of shelving modular With various orientations is modern, it can be finished more or less classical, there are options in bright colors perfect for children’s bedrooms, some more neutral about a master bedroom or office and other dark colors, such as for the living room.
Mezz, storage, horizontal, vertical and twistedI love the furniture and I mean flexible That each one can place in your home to your taste. I do not like the rigidity of the furniture with a rigidly preconceived, which leave nothing to the buyer’s choice, plus the fact they are sold in modules to adapt larger or smaller spaces, and the furniture can be easily reused if we moved house, even though the size and shape of the rooms are different.

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