Market of toy for the playroom for children

Market of toy for the playroom for childrenAll small’ve ever played to be shopkeepers, market stalls and small grocery stores are among the most classic toys that amuse children, Who of course, love to imitate the behavior of the elderly. No need to buy the mini market of a toy made of plastic in a store, we can do for ourselves.

Children are much more fun the manufacturing process. We do with them is a great idea that can help all family members and which can be take many things you probably already have at home, baskets, boxes wood, some low shelves to the ceiling … and a tablecloth or an old shower curtain.

The image is very worked, surely he will have spent a few hours, but for starters, you do not need both, the basic structure is mounted with a pair of shelves low we can get for about ten euros in many furniture stores and four strips kit wood After we put the roof and adding baskets, boxes and the little things to sell.

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