Lola, a modern vintage-inspired lamp

Lola, a modern vintage-inspired lampThe truth is, I must admit that at first what most caught my attention lamp was his name, I found the idea of ​​original home a lamp is called LolaI’ll have to find some to call Rachel to take home a lamp is called like me, you also have …

Anyway, after the name I have also taken a look at design and the potential and I also liked the lamp is curious in form, style modern but inspired by antiquity, from the current evoking a certain feeling vintage. The available in several colors to choose from, there is even a luxury decorated with Swarovski crystals.
Lola, a modern vintage-inspired lampIn addition we have several versions, ground Of roof and most importantly, also about wall as an applied, the sconces lamps are among the most difficult to achieve, because there are fewer proposals for them Lola has three possible model for placements and all very nice.
Lola, a modern vintage-inspired lampIt is also curious that in the model ground the light comes from the bottom up, the lamp is low, can be placed on the ground, if we seek a diffused ambient light or on a table if we want something more intense and direct, this model is more versatile because it can move and change positions whenever we want.

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