Lamps made from bird cages

Lamps made from bird cagesMany have had bird’s home at some point in our lives and then we left them, once the birds are gone. The cages in principle are very useful, because they are a beautiful, empty lot not decorate, but there is an interesting option. We can make them lamps and will not be the first to do so.

No need to make major changes in the cage to make it lamp Of course if we can look forward to painting and such, but in reality it is only necessary to remove the base, Which normally is removable and itself and prepare a hook to hang the cage on the roof, as is a metal cage with bars, that is not at all complicated.

Finally the result is very original Does not fit in any style, look for a room and some furniture that goes well, but neither has cost us nothing, if we get tired of it later you can switch to another lamp more conventional. We can even reuse as housing for birds if we return to them, because there will not be damaged.

It can be done with any type of cage and one of the ideas to add, is that they can be placed inside some bird’s toy to make the effect even more curious, besides the birds give the lamp a touch of color and make no one forget what the origin of the lamp. Undoubtedly, one of the sites that can be best be  in a bedroom infant.

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