IPod Vibe Lamp with iPod docks and speakers

IPod Vibe Lamp with iPod docks and speakersThis lamp is the perfect complement for those who do not want to give up listening to the music of his iPod still at home when this is being charged, the lamp has a support for it serves as the charger and also takes back a Speaker by which we can hear the sound throughout the room.

The lamp Vibe IPod, Is intended as a lamp of table But can be placed on a side table in the room next to the sofa, desk, for those who like to work listening to music or on the bedside table, if we listen to music in bed before sleep, is available in several colors, Discrete, black and white or bright and bold like fuchsia, and as you can see the design is modern and current.

Add that in addition to being compatible with all Apple products, so it is with other device’s audio, As it has for them an auxiliary input and that of course is perfectly functional as a lamp, do not have to use it to listen to music if we want, it also provides a pleasant lighting through the screen. In case anyone is thinking of buying it or give it away, I know that there is plenty iPod user will tell you that … price is around sixty euros, tempting.

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