Interior design of an apartment in a Nordic style

Interior design of an apartment in a Nordic styleThe Nordic-style furniture has been won with that typical mix of white and light wood, the practicality in everything, easy atmosphere, however, enlivened by vintage pieces, or very contemporary, warm, now, the way we see the house.

In this apartment, Scandinavian style is unmistakable: white abounds in every room, natural light is so many thanks to large windows, light wood floor completes the picture.
Interior design of an apartment in a Nordic styleTo make this apartment only two details that differ from the rest of the environment: the striped wallpaper and porcelain stove in the living room, which testify to the desire to promote vintage details, without forgetting, however, modern-style optical impression.

Some colorful decor, like the pink chair in the bedroom, and a few pieces of design, like the Ghost of the chairs in the kitchen dining area, revive and emphasize the contrast between the white and light wood.

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