Ideas for storing small toys

storing small toysOur children’s toys are always small and distributed throughout the home. And when we went to their rooms while they play pidemos get to take the shock of our lives. Every mom knows that manterner ordered without disturbing the decoration and always to hand the kids their toy is a challenge. Today I intend to see these ideas to keep all his toys while we take care of decoration of their rooms.

The idea is to make storage areas designed to be fun, decorative and used items easy to use and access for children. Member baskets, fabric, wooden crates, trunks and metal buckets painted or decorated are the solution.
storing small toysIn the first option we can see metal buckets painted and decorated in various ways, including with pieces of the wall papered to keep all the toys sorted and small wooden benches on which you can deploy in a corner of the room.

The trunks or wooden crates at the foot of the bed of small and with his name on them, are another fun idea. For a small lover and sports balls that are designed, buckets or metal buckets are best for storage. Another simple idea, wicker baskets. We can find in different colors and some of them bring wash pretreatment permits as necessary.
storing small toysFor this small metal buckets were a good option that was supplemented with a small shelf that was restored. The baskets member can place the foot of the bed in a cupboard in the corner and up under the bed. In the room of these youngsters are used all available storage options: wicker baskets, metal trays, small boxes at the foot of the bed and shelves made with the network used in sports like volleyball or basketball.

Cloth bags with handles. Another option if we want to be washable and do not involve any risk to children. And in the latter, not only thought of keeping order in your room but also an easy way to transfer their favorite toys for when they leave home. Large cloth bags with handles for carrying and you can save anywhere in the house.

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