How to decorate a child’s bedroom with few elements

How to decorate a child's bedroom with few elementsWhen decorate a child’s bedroom we always wonder how to make the child comfortable and it is a nice and cozy space. Today I saw the picture you have on these lines and have loved it as an idea, as they have managed to decorate a child’s bedroom with few elements.

A child’s bedroom basically requires three things: a bed, study area and a play area and other things are superfluous since for example the child’s clothing can be stored in a closet in another part of the house while toys and books can have their place in their respective areas.

Observe how they created the study area installing a shelf under the window, so the small will have plenty of natural light while working or while giving free rein to their imagination with paintings. Look how they have illuminated this area through a post with several pockets and a task light that will light when you leave the street. A comfortable chair finishes to completing this area that I miss some more shelves to place books and a drawer to store school supplies.

The bed is from Ikea that is extensible and, being very simple, it adapts well to many decorative styles. In the picture I see a big but is that the extended structure, which makes this bed is likely to come to hit the desk, but maybe the parents turn to a change of location it, who knows?

Notice how the rest of the decor is very simple: soft rug that will serve as play space and few elements, sober decor with pictures of children’s motifs and little else. What mean ye that are essential in a child’s bedroom?

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