How are the kitchen furniture that are

How are the kitchen furniture that areAcquiring a new kitchen is a high investment, which studies occurs approximately every two years, so it is not something to make it lightly hit with it requires careful planning and a thorough job of documentation to learn about the different options we can find in the market.

Today, in our Special trends in kitchens and worktopsIn which we’ve talked about things as interesting as new materials, functionality or countertops in natural stone or synthetic, we’ll stop in the skeleton that supports the living environment to learn how are the kitchen cabinets that are and so, taking into account our needs and preferences can make the best decision.

The fact that the kitchen is increasingly an open space that is one with the living environment  has greatly influenced its distribution. Leaving aside the traditional placements in parallel, U, or L, now the real trend is a kitchen with island, As surely you may have noticed.

The protagonist is not new island, however, that only central all have in mind a huge kitchen, now appears even in the smaller, serving as light and as a divisive element of visual appeal in which we can incorporate an area of eating, scrubbing and cooking, according to our taste or the space we have.
How are the kitchen furniture that areThe traditional installation of upper and lower cabinets are also affected by the opening of the kitchen. Now there are fewer tall furniture, have been replaced by columns half or full, often grouped, in hiding appliances and storage.

As you know a kitchen consists of a structure, commonly know as the hull, which added the necessary shelves, door and hinges. Although the structures may vary in their composition and finish, chipboard or MDF in white or in color, the truly decisive in the kitchen decor are the doors and to a lesser extent, profiles and songs with which are completed.

Now we see increasing doors completely StraightWithout any molding, or in their foreheads, or in your profile. We also noticed more and more the absence of handles, these being substituted often by recesses in the doors or other devices such as pressure.

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