House full of small windows

House full of small windowsThe Japanese architect Takeshi Hosaka oversaw the renovation of this house in a very crowded district of Tokyo, on behalf of a family with special needs.

Both parents having been hearing problems, communication between them and their children is with the language of gestures and the visual: how to adapt a house on several levels, therefore the need to communicate with family members, also between indoor and Outdoor?
House full of small windowsTakeshi Hosaka has solved the issue by placing several small windows on walls and ceilings: in this way visual communication can occur between a floor and another and also between internal and external addition, circulating air and light enough to make the house cozy and livable.

Not only that openings in the floor of the upper floors can also serve as a passage for the branches of trees and plants that grow from the lower layer, creating a very unusual visual effect.

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