House for lovers of skateboarding

House for lovers of skateboardingI must admit I’m not a great athlete and that my balance is not good, and I fall even walking in a straight line, but I am fascinated by artists who get on a skateboard and start doing pirouettes taking advantage of the furniture. I like how they get up but fall (and seem not to do much damage to recover speed) and how toalways find the perfect place to do tricks.

Today, I bring a perfect home for lovers of skateboarding and is built in Malibu, California. At home PAS (that’s how it’s called) you can skate on many surfaces from floor to ceiling and has even installed an ellipse (forgive me, it’s not too technical terms, speak the best skateboard decor ).
House for lovers of skateboardingThe curves are what dominate this construction, which is enclosed in a loft space, and wood covers almost the entire surface. Although not really a house like this, yes we can see two rooms, a dining room and a similar type to a living room, where the furniture attached to the walls with a careful and harmonious aesthetic.

This house, however, like me, seems very nice how they cast the utility and aesthetics in this environment. However, I would not like to live in this place, and my hobbies are on the other side. What you would enjoy living in this house for skaters?

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