H-Loft, a bar kit very versatile decorative

H-Loft, a bar kit very versatile decorativeI have to tell you that I changed the title of this post a couple of times before publishing it, first I have labeled a very versatile room divider, then as a very original canopy and finally remains as is, with a bar kit decorative, though in reality H-Loft may truly be that and all this, as we wish.

Technically it is a satin steel finish kit which is composed of two vertical extensible, with a cone-shaped applied at each end that incorporates a suction cup to top ceiling and floor, and a horizontal bar. The H-Loft can reach a height of between 180 and 300 cm. high, and by the horizontal bar can have a width of 150, 200 or 240 cm. With the additional use of two brackets that act of union between the horizontal bar with vertical mounting is achieved perfect system no drilling or screws.

Surely you will have noticed by now the amount of decorative possibilities offered by this system. In the images we can get some idea: as room divider, towel in the bathroom or bed canopy. Keep in mind that, depending on the size of the horizontal bar, the H-Loft can hold items up to 13 kg. so we will hang curtains, panels or what we dictate our imagination.

Pacific Home is the sole distributor in Spain of the H-Loft, which imported from Sweden. Today we can find in the English Court in the same online store of the brand, Homexpresion. The price for a set of 150cm is € 109.90.

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