Gumball, sofas in one piece

Gumball, sofas in one pieceAlways love this furniture modern when I see them in catalogs, sofas made with one piece even so material, seamless, seamless. They notably called Gumball and are available in several colors The collections features a wide variety of parts, which can act as a conventional sofa, chaise longue, ottoman, coffee table.

However, I must admit that then I think my lounge and not see them, although I think my subconscious is thrilled with furniture design, Simple shapes and materials of last generation. My conscience is still more conservative and ultimately decided by more conventional models and there is a reason.

The seats, although they have a very striking and attractive while offering a modern and current, deep are cold With then it’s hard to get a feel homey and warm, so in my opinion are more oriented to commercial use in stores hotel or places public Not so much for a household in which one looks more normal, more for the day.

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