Geberit solutions to reform the bathroom

Geberit solutions to reform the bathroomThe solutions Geberit gives us ideas for reforming our bath and make it the ideal place even without the hassle of work. The new range of tanks views Monolith Gebert, give our bathroom a modern and elegant without doing any work and easy installation. Within hours, your bathroom will be another.

Geberit also offers the possibility to change radically. To do this, nothing better to flush the toilet. The solutions Geberit concealed cisterns to give us a total creative freedom: We put the toilet where we always thought would be more practical to create shelves on the tank to store towels, take that corner that was always there wasted to locate a sink.
Geberit solutions to reform the bathroomThe Geberit concealed cisterns. We offer the highest reliability because they are molded in one piece, seamless, which is assured of total leakage. Furthermore, maintenance is easy and convenient. The button is removed and immediate access to the mechanisms.
Geberit solutions to reform the bathroomIf it built the tank and pipes, space won, Smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning, and we only see the most beautiful: the button. The Geberit range of buttons that allow saving’s water thanks to its dual-flush or the ability to pause for the download whenever we want, has been expanded with the new Sigma60, a minimalist design that button is flush with the wall.

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