“Future House”: the house-shaped UFO by Matti Suuronen

house-shaped UFOIn 1968, when the technology and space exploration was in a phase of strong expansion, the Finnish designer Matti Suuronen, Invented the “Future House”A sort of house inspired by spaceships immortalized in the works of science fiction. The ‘house of the future’ was conceived as a cabin modular, easy to mount and dismount with a minimal effort even in rough terrain.
house-shaped UFOTen meters in diameter to twenty-six “Future House”Has a similar input leads to the doors of the aircraft, which bears out the rounded design, strong and spacious (can accommodate up to eight adults). The interior walls of the house are built using lightweight materials such as plastic reinforced polyester with glass fiber, which also allow you to isolate it properly. Inside, three main rooms: living room, bathroom and kitchen with a fireplace and sofa beds to rest anywhere.
house-shaped UFOThe production of “Future House”Ceased after 1972, when, because of the oil crisis, tripled the price of plastic. Only a hundred models were then constructed and, currently, only half would still be in good condition as that which is just ‘landed’ at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam.

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