Furniture and equipment support brackets for multimedia

Furniture and equipment support brackets for multimediaThe TV has become the undisputed king of the room. The and ultra-thin screens elements are no longer ugly as it was better to hide the old cathode-ray tube televisions, but have become valuable technologies we like to see integrated into the decor, either hanging on the wall or in a specific cabinet. And more and more great.

New ways have brought this change to the homes, and we are to see as we entered our lifestyle multimedia equipment. Now, the TV and its “satellites” (the DVD player, amplifier and home theater’s front speakers and maybe one or two game console) are parts of the electronics in many classrooms. That those with a medical team, because no homes also need space for recorder DVD, Blue Ray, hard games, internet keyboard handling on TV. The Multimedia home.
Furniture and equipment support brackets for multimediaFortunately, recent years tendencies decoration that did not incorporate this huge wall to wall wood paneling on the television was wedged between cabinets and bookcases, nor that ingenious furniture with hidden doors that allow the TV when not in operation.  Now everything is simpler and is given by the large size that has attained TV screens (And beautifully designed).

Where once we put a 30-inch TV, which was considered “”, big,” it now incorporates a 42 or 46 inches. He allowed two factors: the lowest depth of the TV (which are not asses, but incredibly stylish), and New TV technologies (Plasma and LCD), which have greatly improved the quality of vision in building the image in pixels and not 625 lines as the TV tube (CRT).
Furniture and equipment support brackets for multimediaWithout going into technicalities, it is true that at distances of 4-5 meters one can afford televisions from 46 inches, so when the time comes who chooses a small one for the main room of the house?

Basically, they’re both systems to integrate the TV into the decor the halls, hang or place on its pedestal atop a modular furniture the way that incorporates space for another multimedia equipment. They are accompanied by a witty system to hide cables.

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