Furniture and accessories inspired by Lego

Furniture and accessories inspired by LegoThe construction set Lego inspired decorators and interior designers to design furniture and supplements of all kinds. For his colors cheerful and form its parts fit perfectly with each other, gives much play to the design of furniture and accessories.

Although my childhood was spent at the time of Tente and I played bit with Lego, All of which are construction sets and vibrant color to me and not just love me, because Lego furniture has a very good acceptance among the public. Inspired Lego about everything, including radiators As we see in the image on these lines, but we will further analyze all possibilities.
Furniture and accessories inspired by LegoThe kitchen Lego is one of the greatest examples of these small pieces are limitless at home, can be used in any room of the house, even in the kitchen, also to fittings and accessories for table and dining room.

For example I like a lot of lay-inspired square cups That you see in the picture above these lines are the perfect complement to a kitchen or dining room any style and they are perfect for gifts, because they are a very nice detail for children and adults.
Furniture and accessories inspired by LegoOf course I could not miss a table made of Legos In the network can even see the video as the table is manufactured in other cases, we imitations pieces Lego larger, but in this case it is authentic pieces.

There are several models lego table In fact almost any type of part, a table Furniture is one of the easiest to build, even with added legs to higher made with another material.

But in addition to tables, Lego pieces have served as inspiration and starting point for designing a thousand and one accessories and objects of all kinds with many uses of what we will see some examples.
Furniture and accessories inspired by LegoIt has made a small lantern very decorative, can be ideal to give some light at the nursery, also a
LED lamp the latest technology lighting This as far as lamps is concerned.

There are some objects even simpler than we do for ourselves, such as Door stops inspired giant Lego pieces, made of bricks, there are also Soaps, Fun little with which to decorate the bath or Storage boxes for the room of children or otherwise, in which store smaller items in an orderly manner.
Furniture and accessories inspired by LegoAlso we have seen Lego offices in Denmark With a very careful design and environment very pleasant work for both employees and visitors and whose photos we can get good ideas.

But Lego has not only served to inspire the design of furniture and home accessories, also for reconstruction of space in Valencia With spectacular results, or frankly for reproduction of large works architectural Miniature as Farnsworth House.

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