Fun and Dubreuil Roth clock, dual position

Fun and Dubreuil Roth clock, dual positionIn addition to the colors and designThat are clearly modern, lively and fun, what I liked about this clock, Design Roth and Alexander Ludovic Dubreuil, is the option you have to double positionWe can put standing resting on the floor or table, usually on any smooth surface like a normal watch.

But we can also put it in the wallAnd not hung as is usual in most of the watches but in perpendicular it, hence the name of the clock ‘Side / Beside’ this position I’ve always liked to watch, especially for the hall of the house or hall, in this case we have the advantage of this position is not the only possible one.
Fun and Dubreuil Roth clock, dual positionIt is also curious that all the clock is made in the same color, Although there is a choice of two shades, I am referring especially to the needles in the same color as the sphere. What’s available in lots of bright colors, green, blue, red … plus white, ideal for these bright colors for the summer season in which we live.

It has warped a bit to be able to put on the surface and wall, but this does not affect its beauty in the negative, but on the contrary, this change in form, Breaks up the monotony of conventional watches and gives this a different personality, I think an ideal gift and excellent detail to any home or workplace.

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