“Fluid Ribbon Chair”: the ergonomic chair Michael D’Amato

Fluid Ribbon ChairCurious that so captivating design comes from a biomechanical engineer, and yet the idea for this “Fluid Ribbon Chair” was born when Michael D’Amato was asked by his brother, to design an ergonomic chair for his back problems . D’Amato has worked since the creation of an object whose design departed from a single block, curved in the right places to provide support to parts of the body to accommodate.

The really added value of the chair, however, is in its being divided in half, so as to make each of the two sides independently, allowing the body to move freely and urging it to continue, even small movements during the session to maintain healthy joints. Moreover, the “Fluid Ribbon Chair” is made of bamboo: flexible and highly sustainable material. Find more information on the phases of construction on Page Kickstarter project.

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