“Fioriness Lamps”: lamps in the tank for Secondome Laurent Corio

Fioriness LampsFlowers, the word in Italian. With the suffix ‘ness’, the word becomes a name in English. Fioriness is the expression of an attitude that could result in my imagination as a flirt, a first meeting in the light of a candle or the sun of August. The light that defines it as holding a flower in a vase as the witness of a story.
Fioriness LampsPoetic words that use the French designer Laurent Corio to describe these two “Fioriness”: lamps contained within a glass jar in which the stem of the flower is the transparent tube that protects the wire and the corolla is the bulb, covered by two different forms blow. The “Fioriness Lamps” will be exhibited for the first time in the stand of the Roman “Secondome”On the occasion of the exhibition”Maison & Objet”Paris, 9 to 13 September next.

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