FASTViNIC, interior design of a genuine fast-food by Alfons Tost

FASTViNIC interior design by Alfons TostIf the mental association with fast food is immediately “unhealthy food”, the intent of FASTVíNIC in Barcelona is just to stand out by offering genuine exquisite sandwiches, with ingredients from organically grown products.

To celebrate the desire to make a fast food so genuine and welcoming as a home, s’Alfons Tost Interiorisme has thought of an interior design very “natural”, that invokes the very simple and authentic character of a really good food.
FASTViNIC interior design by Alfons TostPlants, light wood, but also lots of pillows definitely contribute to create a warm and genuine fact.

But FASTVíNIC is not only the food to be “natural”: even the materials used are designed to respect the environment, so dishes, glasses, trays are made from recycled waste, enough to earn a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ).

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