Esparto blinds from heat, an effective and decorative

Esparto blinds from heat, an effective and decorativeWhen I moved to the house where I live, for over ten years, I clearly did not want install air conditioning. Total for two hot months would not perform an installation so costly in terms of energy consumption and aesthetics. My house faces west, and summer evenings becomes the apple of the eyes from the sun, which continues to cover us with His robe of fire. The first year I installed an awning that moderated the direct rays, but still something left to do: insulate the windows with a friendly and natural material.

From the first moment I thought about ordering a esparto blinds But its high price deterred me. Typically cost around 60 euros per square meter, a price that justifies being a handmade product, which is invested hours and for which expertise is needed. We must reclaim the work of craftsmen.
Esparto blinds from heat, an effective and decorativeFor years I had installed some shutters that I picked up a natural fiber rugs, Did its work protecting from direct sun, bringing freshness and letting the light, but I kept thinking to change them by some of esparto. In the end, after saving specifically in late spring, I decided and ordered, taking advantage of that had already begun to be somewhat impaired.

Esparto blinds are typical of hot areas of the peninsula, taking the palm Andalusia and Extremadura in their use. They are sturdy and solid, and contrary to what may seem, its plot lets in light while protecting from the sun. These are elements that reach a large weight, which is why we must be cautious when ordering. They are used to cover windows Such as patios or porches.

One of the features you need to remember is that being a working craftsman, as the original width may be altered, an important issue when ordered. You must also choose if you want to roll outward or inward, where we want to see your characteristic crosshairs. This is a narrow strip woven esparto also be sewn by a long stitches on the surface of the shade, forming a characteristic cross.
Esparto blinds from heat, an effective and decorativeEsparto blinds are collected a thick rope and pulley And, when folded, the coiled form a circle of generous proportions, another factor to consider whether to install in a place too narrow. They have the charm of the craftsman and are very decorative, both on the outside and inside.

The esparto I made them gave me advice, because in spite of withstanding rain, winter retreat is suitable to be kept in good condition and last long, as if they are wrapped with moisture may rot.

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