EcoSmart Stix fireplace for outside fires

EcoSmart Stix fireplace for outside firesRaise your hand if you have not yet gone on terraces at night this summer. Well, I see little hands up, and I love it! Today I bring you a more romantic addition to the endless nights ahead for those of you very lucky to have a garden: the EcoSmart fireplace Stix created by Hiroshi Tsunoda.

It consists of metal bars that remind me of the typical campfire, so that the flames are guarded, but it is possible to breathe because it is open upward. As the ground rises above the base of the fire, there is no danger of burning the plants or platelets floor, I see a lot of practice for those who want to gather around the fire, but without staining much.

The burner runs on bioethanol, Which is an environmentally friendly fuel and flames up to eight hours, go at dawn you will continue to have fire to toast the new day. I have completely conquered but as you know, I do not have a garden to put it. At the moment, not commercially available in Spain but you can consult the website of EcoSmart to be aware of when they bring to our country.

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