Draw-text areas of a youth bedroom

Draw-text areas of a youth bedroomIn a youth bedroom If the available space must try to differentiate three environments That of sleep That of study and the leisure. Adolescents and young adults tend to spend much time in his room, for they are as their refuge, sleep and study there and be entertained listening to music, playing, chatting with friends.

It is important that nothing distracts from the study and also that nothing interrupted his rest, so it is important separate When one will do several different things in one room, one way or another we must try to separate the rooms, obviously we cannot  put walls, often no screens or physical tabs because the size of the room does not permit, but for example we note with text each area.

I liked the idea of ​​doing with vinyl of letters We can paste on the wall of each zone a word that relates to the activity that it takes place, will be a way to cause a change and somehow separation is similar to the situation we put a shelf or a pot to separate dining room or a slash to separate kitchen living room, not walls, but they are elements that help make the distinction of spaces.

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