Doors line of Nusco Luxdoor

Doors line of Nusco LuxdoorThe domestic spaces of everyday life and environments dedicated to work every day deserve a special attention and careful choice of shapes, materials and colors.
From this collection comes to life account of Luxdoor Nusco which offers furniture solutions designed and built with technologies Innovative, faithful to the principles of functionality and accuracy.

The line Luxdoor stands out for the proposed port characteristics with particular care and customized to meet your needs in terms of production, installation and maintenance, resulting in a net effect of elegance and originality.

In particular, synthesis is the new system of sliding door wall Luxdoor line.
Made of aluminum with one or two leaves, consists of a sliding mechanism to trucks, rail seats.
The thickness of the glass is 8 / 10 mm and the finish of the beam and the accessories are satin chrome, while the section is rectangular.
Summary so it is a particular solution, non-invasive, which allows you to enhance and make functional any environment.

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