Dock turns your iPhone into an alarm clock design

Dock turns your iPhone into an alarm clock designThe iPhone is more than a phone. The truth is that after a year of everyday use, I would say the phone function is secondary. File manager, console games, agenda, notepad and alarm clock Are some of the functions performed to perfection. We will focus on the latter, perhaps the most widespread, although the options to use when it comes to us out of sweet dreams pass through without leaving on the table or to incorporate a breakthrough technology hold it.

These are usually bulky and looks too technical, resemble modern audio equipment and speaker systems. Dock proposed Kickstarter A solution that brings the smartphone and feature stretches of the old alarm geeks classic design with a gentle and easy to integrate, in a case with legs that you just have to slide the device to your screen is nicely framed.
Dock turns your iPhone into an alarm clock designIts interior is a connector that allows charging overnight, and the cables are just as connected to the current through the back. Of course, you can use with any alarm app, or going a bit further, as support for viewing videos or photos.

Of all the inventions, I’ve seen in this sense, this is the one I was convinced by a landslide. Its realization is almost artisanal, and use materials such as solid walnut, Metal or plastic. Not for sale in a normal channel, as for now it is a project that will be released only if it reaches a enough  sponsorships in order to make a first edition, understanding this as a pre-sponsorship or support economic future customers interested in having one of these gadgets.

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