Do it yourself – a paper rose

Do it yourself - a paper roseHistorically there have been flowers with paper to decorate, but perhaps now the subject of post-it, Its colors and glue, we even easier. These papers and stickers are a perfect size for making the flowers, there are even more different, to make flowers sizes different, but all suitable for home decorating on a table, shelf or a console.

In this case we see in the picture is the closest thing to a pink and is actually just a bunch of papers glued together by the end placed with patience and the shape is similar to that of the flower, color pink papers also does the rest, can be single or multiple and can be used to decorate from the dining table to the cabinet in the hall, past the nightstand.

In addition to being DecorativeThe flower will we go a little fun while we make, since you go hitting the papers one by one to get the final result, it takes time, however, I have some doubts about the strength of glue typical of post-it, perhaps it is better secured with some other conventional adhesive or hold even with a staple or similar set.

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