Dishmaster, sink and dishwasher, two in one

Dishmaster, sink and dishwasher, two in oneIn kitchen we need a thousand and one devices to work, increasingly, inventing more because the more we include in our lives and we just need the long run, so if any of them can be MultifunctionWill be a good solution for problems space. One of the essential today in the kitchen is the dishwasherHowever, in small kitchens we always have room for it, integrate it with sink I think an excellent choice.

Dishmaster is a set of sink and dishwasherTwo in one, but is actually a triple function, on the one hand has two baskets in which we can place dishes, glassware and cutlery for self-cleaning function, a dishwasher, but we can put at the top for the tap conventional use in the sink to wash dishes by hand.

Finally, we can use the whole set as table or auxiliary worktop if at some point need to increase our work surface, sink and dishwasher on you can place a top leaving everything covered and we can develop typical activities of the kitchen. As mentioned earlier, for small kitchens can be a good idea and a solution for many who now can not have it, have a dishwasher in your home.

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