Details for the house a hypochondriac

Details for the house a hypochondriacA bad habit that characterizes many of us is to self-medicating health authorities insist that you should not do, that more and which less has taken the odd pill without consulting your doctor. However, there are those in which the case is already street pharmacies seem exaggerated, and people hypochondriacal to which even the doctor tells you who do not have anything, feel ill and need treatment, no doubt to them these cushions will love.

I’ve already given the choice, I would prefer one of Ibuprofen and a Termalgín … maybe some Ilvico is that anxiolytics, antidepressants and anticonvulsants, which are seen in the image, use less, but considering that they come in cushions, and we were not going to take the individual to choose the drugs who want to name his cushions.

Curiously, the pads are also happy, because as everyone colors different and be placed on other drawings. One almost does not look at the names, rather in the set. It occurs to me that the idea not only goes for hypochondriacs, even for students of medicine may be sympathetic or even doctors and graduates, I will ask some to see what you think.

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