Decorative Viniloestil Methacrylates

Decorative Viniloestil MethacrylatesCarol Marcus and Victor Brugué made their first collections of decorative vinyl in 2007 but, as they themselves, their concern at the latest trends in decoration has led them to innovate and build on new materials who offer great potential in decoration, such as methacrylates adhesives, or as they call them, the emetecé’s, The brainchild of the team Viniloestil.

The methacrylate joins the different possibilities that until now we knew to decorate the walls quickly, and without original work, such as vinyl, felts, Wood, textiles and adhesives mirror. The high brightness of this material gives us the opportunity to provide sophisticated reliefs the walls of our homes while we expand the range of decorating surfaces because, thanks to 5mm thick., irregularities that may have the walls not be felt.

His method of attachment is as simple as that of his fellow vinyl and can be removed without destroying the wall, so if you get tired of seeing them in a location you can remove and reuse elsewhere. If the idea sounds interesting, and you want to buy some can do it directly on the website Viniloestil for now has eight to choose from floral, yes on no less than thirty-four different colors.

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