Decorating the back porch

Decorating the back porchAlthough Section before and after is a regular at our blog, rarely have the opportunity to observe the transformation of space And we must settle for a photo before (done at night with an old phone) and another photo after (with much more light and a decent camera with a wide angle).

Today, for your pleasure, I bring you a video that shows Jaime Morrison Curtis. An author and editor of Los Angeles decorate your back porch a bright summer day with friends to visit the premiere included.
Decorating the back porchWhat fascinates me most of the decoration, and how it transforms the space, the amount of detail is everywhere without too excessively ornate porch, offering a very nice and cozy in which to spend the summer evenings.

Many of the furnishings and accessories who populate the porch are the work of one JaimeAmong, which included the couch (or rather a day bed), which is made from a pallet and some old pipes. The mattress, which is a double bed is lined with a waterproof and linen dyed it herself in the soft salmon. The covers of the cushions have also made it, including embroidered with silver and gold.
Decorating the back porchHowever, not only the sofa, but the tables, bench cushion, wreaths and much more are his work, only the English words escape me, and I would not say what and how it is done everything,  so it is best that you see the video and the gallery for an afternoon decorating the back porch.

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