Decorate the corner of the fireplace inspired by autumn

Decorate the corner of the fireplaceThe ideal place where you can send your way is the calling area and the angle of your fireplace. Nature can inform the choice of decoration, or enter collectibles or mirrors, the area of ​​the house can still be colored and decorated, prior to Christmas. Some advice may be to decorate your fireplace and the chimney is used, whether you wait for the arrival of the first to turn cold.

The color will be the first element that will define the layout of the chimney. The choice of color will focus purely on autumn colors like brown, mustard, orange, but these will be chosen based on the colors that define your décor altogether, we will try to coordinate colors with those of the room dell’allestimento where the fireplace. We will proceed with the use of some elements such as straw and hay will fill with raffia rope and corners of the fireplace. You can enter collectibles coordinated with the rest of the decoration of your room. And for added visual effect of fire on both sides of the vertical elements will be included.
Decorate the corner of the fireplaceFor those who choose the traditional theme of the changing season, you will be able to focus on this and a new palette of colors that reflect and dead lifts of any room. We will use colors like raw umber, cranberry, gold and could for example include a mirror just above the fireplace decorated in turn.

But the setting could change from week to week, you might as well enter the shop, then decorate the mirror, or put the dishes in place and then instead of these vessels to enter the next week or candelabra, also for those who like nature dead could enter autumn fruits and warm colors, or animals such as pheasants, turkeys and rabbits (only for big fans).

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