cutting board and serve cheese

cutting board and serve cheeseHis appearance leaves no doubt that this table has been conceived, designed and manufactured with the clear intention of allowing cut and serve in an original and an assortment of different cheese The cheese boards is a classic appetizer, snacks and dinner, a classic that those who adore the cheese we like to remain as such, but if you can serve a better way than the traditional, there is no reason to oppose.

In addition to the appearance of the table is curious imitation Emmentaler cheese with the holes … the most important are actually the material who is made with the table, apparently a mixture of acrylic resins with bauxite as a whole has properties similar to those of marble and that makes for a very tough side and the other to keep cold.

That is, if we put the table in the refrigerator before serving, keep the cheese fresh for much longer than traditional wood tables, it can be very important, not where I live, how strange it is that the temperature is so high that the heat is a problem for the cheese … but in countries and areas of very warm climate, high temperatures, which can cause the flavor of the cheese from spoiling.

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