Crockery and covered with shade to dress the table

Crockery and covered with shade to dress the tableSure Peter Pan thoroughly enjoys this cutlery and this tableware, Should not be at all concerned about his shadow Because it would place as he pleased at any time and could also use it to protect the table shadow offers us for our service of table fake shadows, but very original and fun.

Perhaps in the case of cutlery is somewhat excessive, placing the shadow walking fork or chopsticks, I do not know … but in the case of cups and saucers Not only okay, but may even be useful, and that is when things hot serve  the false shadow of wood preservative on the table and keep the cloth from staining if any accident.

The idea goes far beyond that of under plate or coasters Actually is that what it is but extrapolated to the case of cutlery to complete the set and giving the peculiar shape of the shadow, as well as playing with color, White parts and black for the shadow of course to achieve the desired contrast, my truth is that the idea seems original and like it.

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