Cherry-shaped lamps

Cherry-shaped lampsOne of my favorite fruits, me and many others, are cherries, Also now in season, and besides rich are so beautiful … and I am one of those people who eat with their eyes a little, I admit. The point is that as with many other beautiful things of nature cherries also serve as inspiration to designers of things for the home, such as these lamps.
Cherry-shaped lampsThese lamps roofs we can hang anywhere in the house is very cheerful and decorative, although they may be somewhat complicated combine Are very striking lamps must be located in a place meets, for example, a large kitchen decorated in white. I see the ideal lamp giving a touch of color on the dining table.
Cherry-shaped lampsThe lamp is available in more colors, Especially as red, but is more realistic and more complicated to integrate it into the decoration, no doubt to the lamp in white or black is much easier to find the place either in the room, the dining room or a bedroom. The red is the happiest, but I guess if I had to choose one of these decantaría others.

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