Cheerful Outdoor dining room by Arik Levy for Emu

Cheerful Outdoor dining room by Arik Levy for EmuI feel very summery these days, and not because they approach the start of my vacation, that there is still enough for that, yet the warm and sunny days are invited to make up later and thoroughly enjoy the weekend outdoor. So I think those who are lucky enough to have garden or terrace can prepare it well to make the most of this season.

And one good way is to furniture appropriate chairs, seats and if there is a space dining room outdoor, tables and chairs summer for lunch and dinner outdoors with family and friends. This set of Arik Levy to Emu I loved, a very simple design, but happy about the colors, the set name is Pattern.

Actually there are several settings because table we can buy in a circular or square and both the table and chairs are available in several colors, We can make a homogeneous, all in the same tone or something kind Parcheesi each element in a color, my one hand I like it with varying shades, it seems more fun, although it is likely that a monochrome option is more elegant.

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