Ceramics Villari new autumn 2011

Ceramics Villari new autumn 2011Villari, A leader in the production of ceramics of great value, is celebrating its 44 year history and success with much interesting new attention to the house that dress accessories from the chandeliers, table lamps from furniture to …
The tradition of pottery made in Italy and processing of Capodimonte is more contemporary and fashion, captures the charm of a thousand butterflies that rest among the decorations, the colors of the flowers and the brilliance of crystals.
Ceramics Villari new autumn 2011Among the Villari’s new to 2011 stand, in fact, remakes of classics reinterpreted by the brand of ceramic colors and bright tones ranging from red in purple to pink, but also the rigor of the precious black gold.
The Collection Madame Butterfly is all new and the majestic chandelier cult of the line is made of brass with white lacquered over 700 butterflies and flowers fine porcelain bisque, it becomes even more magical studded with butterflies colored Swarovski crystals. A real gem out of the world of Alice’s Wonderland and dream is to give a charm to the room where it is placed.
Ceramics Villari new autumn 2011In addition to the large chandeliers and projections design is also enriched the collection of the small ceramic bojiux end as the collection Bougie Parfumée range of enhanced and supplemented by Parfum d’Interieur boon  of perfume presented in a wide range of colors.

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