Ceramic vases that mimic various plastic containers

Ceramic vases that mimic various plastic containersWhat that looks can be deceiving is becoming truer  in decoration, and one cannot  rely on the form anything, not to guess what it is, and to ascertain how material is made. There is furniture in the most unlikely and accessories made with materials we least expect, such as these vases of Leif.

If I had asked what it is, it is likely that many of you, like me, thought we hubbies to the bottles Of clean bathrooms, stain remover and the vitro … or something, because these vase’s reminiscent in shape to the bottles and containers plastics containing such products, yet are made ceramics.

Today, there are ceramic dishes that mimic the paper and vice versa and the recycling and reuse of objects created for use by employing them in another has given designers ideas for new proposals, many have ever used a plastic bottle as a vase, because now we have purposely created and tougher. Will also tell you that I do not like my taste, but that does not detract from the original the idea.

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