Brush Hooks by Dominic Wilcox, clothes brushes

Brush Hooks by Dominic WilcoxObjects are often defined by their functions, but if the functions were different from those designated as could then change the names of things? It asked me to look at these accessories created by the English artist Dominic Wilcox, in the Object Abuse in London.

The challenge of this event was to choose an object of daily use and completely rethink it in another context, giving life to products “new”, with different functions and with the least possible use of additional materials.

Brush With Hooks Dominic Wilcox seems to have succeeded perfectly in order: the brushes, with a single incident of change, have become comfortable hangers, ironically, to be placed at the entrance of the house.

An original idea, interesting and easy, easy to live but also easy to replicate with a little do-it-yourself.

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