Boy and girl lamps

Boy and girl lampsThe lamps Designer Ricardo Garza Marcos are always Novelty in design, but Light Boy and Light Girl I particularly liked, these lamps on one side but remember the standard symbols that indicate which is the bathroom where the man and woman on the other hand have great charm, even tenderness passed me … Or will my increased sensitivity to the hangover of last night?

In any case, the lamps are very monas, Simple in design, built the structure in wood Solid walnut and maple and are at the top the luminous ball which serves as head of the dolls that represent a lamp is a boy and a girl can be placed for example in the bedside tables, no have to be the sex of a lamp, you can choose the opposite sex also logically, each to his taste.

Another option is to two partner in plan, decorating a console at the entrance of the house or classroom, even occurs to me that we can create a gang, we can decorate with a group five, six … or lamps we like that idea I think would be good especially for commercial premises or to the public, like any other form of attention.

They can also be easily moved from place to place, they help create the environment through lighting hintAnd adorn even when turned off. The truth is that I am in favor of such a halogen lamp that embedded in the ceiling, bringing a much sharper light and are much less decorative and today there are lamps with shapes and colors of all kinds to choose from.

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