Bohemian style decorating

Bohemian style decoratingThe truth is that we have not paid much attention to the bohemian decor that is hitting very hard in recent years, especially among those who want to give personality to their homes. The truth is that no written rules for decorating a home with bohemian style but I’m sure that when you see a room decorated in this style, you recognize.

– One of the keys to this type of decoration is the mixture Which gives us the feeling that everything is older than it is, and colorful, fairly broad but keeping in cool tones. The most marked bohemian style are textiles, because in these environments dominated by heavy fabrics. In fact, get a sofa upholstered in velvet (preferably purple) and you will be halfway done.

– If you can not get velvet sofa, Cover with a white sheet but it seems it is dirty. What the white sheets is very bohemian and also can be applied to chairs, tables and lamps if they do not to your standards.

– I think a good bohemian has met its furniture after years travel the world, so everything has samples of time for him. Do not go to Ikea in search of a cheap bookshelf, it is best to stay away from second-hand rake your city or travel the day of collection of furniture if you find a treasure that does not smell much of mothballs.
Bohemian style decorating– The markets are your friends, get several paper lanterns on them and some those with little mirrors blanket the same thing that you are worth matching tablecloth. If you look in a hurry, use them as carpet. What is more bohemian than invent uses for household objects?

– A good bohemian has each chair style Nothing to choose for of a kind. Here are two options, or go from store to store or going to sites that I have said above to give you a collection of different chairs.

– Current trends indicate that the Bohemian Arab-tinged decor is the best. You have to get a set of mint tea (the kind with glasses instead of cups and a teapot metal) and if possible one of those tables where the top is a tray. It is possible that you could never support it, but your room will look stunning at first glance. Also remember to put a pipe in a corner, hookahs are very decorative (and I say this quite seriously).

– Remember to use the fairy lights somewhere in your house, which is very bohemian. You can do a combo if you put them around a mirror because it will reflect twice “bohemica“.
Bohemian style decorating– The mirrors and pictures should be supported either on the floor or on shelves. The real bohemians do not stick pictures on the wall, that’s too urbanite. Of course, the frames of all these objects must be as old as possible. If you do not get old, you can always pass the powder to be without a couple of months or years.

– What could speak more of a bohemian hammock in your living room? Here you can face the world, may be your reading corner or place from which to plan your next work of art.

Do you already have everything? You see that with these simple steps is easy to get a bohemian decor.

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